PROLOFT® is your cost effective thermal bridging solution

Advanced Insolutions’ purpose is to provide innovative products as a solution for the increasing problems building professionals face today.

Advanced Insolutions was formed to address the rising concern for more efficient buildings across Canada and the U.S. They identified the need for higher thermal performance leading to the creation of their signature product, Proloft®. In addition, Advanced Insolutions distributes P2000 and infrared heating systems adding to the efficiency of buildings.

Established as a North American distribution company, Advanced Insolutions Inc. is the leading supplier / manufacturer of PROLOFT® Thermal Barrier Strips. 

Do you need a high R-value in your building? Have little space to achieve it? Do you have a unique design? Are you building in compliance to ASHRAE 90.1?  Do you deal with these issues on a daily basis?

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Proloft ®

Proloft® is an innovative product that provides thermal bridge protection for commercial and residential buildings, including new and existing construction.  Proloft® is an industry-leading product that uses nanoporous aerogel technology to keep air and heat where it needs to be to achieve the...

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Aerogel is a synthetic and porous gel in its original state. To transform the gel into a solid state the liquid component of the gel is replaced with a gas and then transformed through a critical drying process. This solid has an extremely low density and thermal conductivity which is extremely valuable in the construction industry. Aerogel's innovative technology consists of nano-sized cells of trapped air making it...

Thermal Break Wall Systems

 When one section of a wall conducts heat quicker than another it is referred to a thermal bridge.  A thermal bridge can greatly reduce the overall R-value of a wall. Thermal breaks are the solution.  It is easy to look at the R-value rating of a material and assume that our entire wall assembly matches it uniformly.