Our Company

Advanced Insolutions Inc.'s purpose is to provide innovative products as a solution for the increasing problems building professionals face today.

Advanced Insolutions Inc. is owned and operated by Jesse Ewing and Mike Schoonhoven. Over their combined 40 years of experience in the construction industry, Jesse and Mike have witnessed various interprovincial and transborder building code changes. With their extensive experience and knowledge of the industry they were able to identify future changes in the codes pertaining to energy efficiency in the construction of buildings.

Changes to building codes are occurring at rapid paces and the industry is challenged to keep up. Sometimes the changes are so rapid that there are no actual marketable products available to support the requirements in creating more energy efficient construction.

Advanced Insolutions Inc. was formed to address the rising concern for higher thermal performance in buildings.  Jesse and Mike identified the movement in the industry and designed their signature product Proloft® and later brought on P2000 and infrared heating systems to make construction more efficient; both in human capacity and environment.

Interesting Fact: 
Man-made buildings make-up 40% of CO2 omissions in North America...which is one of the largest contributors to this issue! Proloft® helps lessen this strain on the environment creating a more sustainable way for construction.