Radiance Heater

Radiance Far Infrared Heaters

Advanced Insoutions Inc. offers a unique solution to heating and building through Infrared technology.

In traditional heating systems warm air rises and gathers at the ceiling leaving majority of the room cooler than desired; this is an inefficient use of energy and money to heat the air in a space. The Radiance Far Infrared Heaters lock the heat in the objects in a room, slowly releasing warmth in to the air making it a far more efficient way to heat a space.


P2000 Insulation System

Conventional beliefs are that a well insulated wall must be a thick wall. Comparing 1" of P2000 to traditional 6" of fiberglass is an unrealistic comparison. Although 6" of fiberglass technically has a higher tested R-value, P2000 outperforms the fiberglass when installed in a building envelope. As designed, both insulations affect heat transfer but how they do it is where they differ.

Proloft ®

Proloft® is an innovative product that provides thermal bridge protection for commercial and residential buildings, including new and existing construction.  Proloft® is an industry-leading product that uses nanoporous aerogel technology to keep air and heat where it needs to be to achieve the...

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