Proloft ®

Proloft® is an innovative product that provides thermal bridge protection for commercial and residential buildings, including new and existing construction.  Proloft® is an industry-leading product that uses nanoporous aerogel technology to keep air and heat where it needs to be, leading to a more energy and space efficient building. These thermal barrier strips are highly effective insulators achieving R-4 at 10 mm thick.  Proloft® has the highest R- value per inch (R-10) compared to conventional insulation products in the marketplace today.

To meet the changing needs and requirements building professionals face today; Proloft® meets ASHRAE 90.1, 2010's continuous insulation and overall U-factor requirements. This makes it an ideal insulation solution for building professionals across North America working to comply with today's changing building codes and standards.

Not all construction or wall systems are the same and the specs for their thermal bridging needs vary; Proloft® can be custom-cut to support the individual specs of walls, roofs, floors, and door and window frames to support any project. In addition to the R-value benefits; Proloft® is a hydrophobic matter that sheds water, making it a valuable solution to mold prone areas.

The application of traditional insulation to building envelopes and structures has satisfied many requirements of the building code in the past; however with an increase of responsibility to build more energy efficient buildings, traditional insulation is no longer a practical solution. The installation of Proloft® on the outer face of the framing provides additional insulation in the heat loss path of wall and roof assemblies, as well as exposed floor construction, improving the elusive R-Value. Exterior walls constructed with steel studs are especially susceptible to thermal bridging due to the strong conduction of heat; even a single layer of Proloft® will reduce the heat lose by up to 40%.

Proloft® is not just for new construction; its light weight thin design makes it a valuable solution for existing structures without altering the profile. Renovation projects lend themselves to challenging situations where insulation is desirable but the existing profile cannot accept current board insulation products, ie. In-floor heating, interior walls, etc. Tight spaces is another application that benefits from the low profile/high insulation properties of Proloft®.

Proloft® Thermal Barrier Strips maximizing the energy efficiency of your building envelope without compromising valuable space within your framing assemblies. Advanced Insolutions Inc. continues to bring innovative insulation solutions to the construction industry to meet its demanding and relevant needs.

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