Radiance Far Infrared Heaters

Radiance Heater

Advanced Insoutions Inc. offers a unique solution to heating and building through Infrared technology.

In traditional heating systems warm air rises and gathers at the ceiling leaving majority of the room cooler than desired; this is an inefficient use of energy and money to heat the air in a space. The Radiance Far Infrared Heaters lock the heat in the objects in a room, slowly releasing warmth in to the air making it a far more efficient way to heat a space.

Infrared heaters have invisible heat rays that travel through the air bouncing off surfaces which absorb the heat; it works in a similar way to which the sun heats the earth. The specific narrow range that ensures safe and healthy heating is between 9-14 micron meters and this is where Infrared heating products operate.  Infrared heating products are health beneficial and do not dry out the air. They also prevents heat loss through ventilation systems contributing to the overall energy efficiency of the building. Unlike traditional heating, there is no hot air to travel around and escape through opened doors, windows, and vents.

Interesting Fact: 
The electromagnetic waves cause molecules to oscillate and release energy within the heated environment. This phenomenon causes us to feel warm.