Aerogel is a synthetic and porous gel in its original state. To transform the gel into a solid state the liquid component of the gel is replaced with a gas and then transformed through a critical drying process. This solid has an extremely low density and thermal conductivity which is extremely valuable in the construction industry. Aerogel's innovative technology consists of nano-sized cells of trapped air making it an extremely effective insulation solution. With its ultra-light material and a 98.2% air make-up Aerogel is virtually weightless, making it the lightest solid known to date.

In its raw form Aerogel is very brittle and requires a specific medium for it to be used to produce results in the construction industry.   Proloft® consist of a 10mm thick fibreglass mat infused exclusively with Aerogel making Proloft® R-10 per inch. 

Proloft® utilizes an aerogel composed of synthetic amorphous silica dioxide, not be confused with crystalline silica as epidemiological studies indicate low potential for adverse health effects from exposure from synthetic amorphous silica dioxide. For more information please see Proloft’s® MSDS. 

Interesting Fact: 
Aerogel was invented by Samuel Kistler in 1931 after making a bet with Charles Learned over who could replace the liquids in ‘jellies’ without causing shrinkage.